About Department

The Technology of Silicates Department (Chemical Technology of Ceramics and Glass) – one of the oldest subdivisions of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, was founded in 1921 by Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine B.S. Lysin.

Now the department is headed by a corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Doctor of Chemical Science, professor B.Yu. Kornilovych.

Chemical technology of ceramics and glass is one of those specialties, which combines eternal traditions and the most advanced scientific achievements. On the one hand, based on recent research, it allows you to conduct molecular design of innovative materials with previously unattainable properties. On the other hand, it allows to satisfy the needs of a person in artistic creation when creating artistic products from porcelain and glass.

Under the term ceramics, the world scientific community understands practically all inorganic materials obtained as a result of the occurrence of chemical reactions at high temperatures. But, above all, these are materials that are obtained on the basis of silicates – chemical compounds of silicon (silicium), which form the basis of the earth’s crust and on which the oldest mineral raw material, which was used by man, is based on clay. However, silicates not only did not lose their significance for the development of modern civilization, but also multiplied it and the best example of this – the Silicon Valley in the US, the technopolis of the future, the emergence of which, and even the very name, are due to the chemical element of silicon.

Students of the department of chemical technology of ceramics and glass acquire a complex of knowledge on inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry, solids chemistry and chemistry of silicates, chemical technology and ecological chemistry for mastering the future profession.

The high level of training of specialists is ensured by the availability of the necessary training material and technical base. For conducting training sessions at the department, specialized laboratories and audiences are equipped with laboratory equipment on physical chemistry of silicates and synthesis of silicate and refractory materials, physical and mechanical tests, and others like that.

The professors pay much attention to modern methods of teaching disciplines, in particular computerization of the educational process and blended learning.



The department has close ties with the leading scientific institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the field of chemistry and materials science, whose scientists are lecturing, and students have the opportunity to get acquainted with the main areas of modern science, the methodology of scientific research, laboratory workshops. Senior students have the opportunity to do diploma work at the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences and internships at universities in Europe and the United States.

The unique properties of oxide and silicate ceramics allow their wide use in creating materials for new technology – high-strength materials that can work in extreme conditions under huge pressures and temperatures in an aggressive environment: in the aerospace industry, in the working zone of thermal and nuclear power plants, in modern heat engineering aggregates, etc. On the other hand, it is traditional ceramic materials, in which there is always a huge need: ceramic tile, brick, technical ceramics, glass products. Ukraine has the richest deposits of silicate raw materials in Europe. This is due to the intensive development of the chemical industry, which uses this raw material in Ukraine itself.

Graduates of the department work fruitfully in managerial and engineering positions at leading industrial enterprises, as well as in scientific institutions in Kyiv, Ukraine and abroad.

We invite you to study at the Chemical Technology of Ceramics and Glass Department in order to master the modern, prestigious and interesting specialty!