Research areas

The main directions of the research work of the department:

– New areas of application of materials obtained by the sol-gel method;
– Hybrid organo-inorganic materials;
– Self-organization, supramolecular and hierarchical materials and adsorbents;
– Thin films, coatings and active surfaces;
– Sol-gel synthesis materials for optics;
– Sol-gel synthesis of materials for catalysis and membranes;
– Sol-gel technology and industry;
– Development of new functional ceramic and glass crystalline materials;
– Resolution of problems of resource and energy saving;
– Use of alternative raw materials;
– Physicochemical study of the properties of natural silicates and modification of their surface;
– Resolving the problems of resource and energy saving in the production of silicate materials and products;
– Development of bases for the use of alternative materials and man-made waste;
– Development of high-efficiency sorbent materials for protection of water resources from contamination by toxic and radioactive metals;
– Development of new functional ceramic and glass-ceramic materials, etc.