Material and technical base

The Department of Chemical Technology of Ceramics and Glass is located in 22 rooms with a total area of ​​795.5 m² in the building #21 of Igor Sikorsky Polytechnic Institute.

Educational rooms, which include audiences, educational laboratories, computer class, diploma and course design, are constantly being modernized mainly due to own efforts of the department.

Workstations of scientific and pedagogical staff are equipped with computers with access to the Internet, e-mail, the services of which are used by all teachers and post-graduate students of the department. The department has copying machines, scanners, multimedia projectors, which are used in teaching, methodological, and scientific activities of students and faculty of the department.

In addition, the Department of Chemical Technology of Ceramics and Glass has 12 educational laboratories (112 landing places) in the educational building #21 with a total area of ​​530.9 m². In the computer class of the department, located in the auditorium number 404, there are 6 computers on which you can work with modern software.

The study rooms of the department are intended for carrying out laboratory works, practical classes and independent work of students of disciplines, taught at the department, for students to conduct coursework and diploma projects and works, as well as master’s works, preparation of scientific reports, articles and abstracts.

All educational and administrative rooms meet the safety requirements and provide living conditions for lighting, heat and air conditions for conducting laboratory works. The modes of work of educational equipment and equipment meet all the standards.

Classes in educational laboratories are conducted using equipment, devices and chemical reagents in accordance with the requirements of working curricula, curriculum programs, methods of conducting laboratory works.

A number of scientific studies, coursework and diploma works are carried out using the material and technical base of the institutes of the NAS of Ukraine on cooperation agreements. Laboratory works on disciplines “Modern problems of chemical technology of ceramics and glass” and “Nanotechnology in materials science” for masters of the 6th year and “Chemical technology of functional ceramics” for 5th year masters are held in the laboratory of the Frantsevich Institute of Materials Science at National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.